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JEFFREY BROWN: But couldn’t you make the argument that it would be better if we all spoke the same language, that we all understood each other? There would be — well, there would be more understanding in the world.

BOB HOLMAN: Well, I love that argument, and it makes so much sense, until you understand what understanding is.

Icon_apps_22 [Converted] [Converted]You know, language is much more than communication. When we talk about it on the surface, that’s what it is. But language is the way we think. And it’s the way it’s been handed down through generations. If you begin to think in another language, that’s fine.

But if you have to lose the way that your family has been speaking, that’s not so fine. That’s losing who you are. And when we lose who we are, that’s when we become this homogenized consumer of life, rather than a citizen who comes…

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The give-and-take of creative critique

poor mexican gone

diver is midair, headed for lake water with companions in background Asking for others’ critique could just be the thing that sets your work free. (Good thing, it goes both ways.)

I used to hate having my work critiqued. It made me itchy.

Over the years, I’ve learned to love it. In fact, I’m usually much more proud of my work as a result of others’ critique.

A little backstory: I lost my job in 2012 and it took a year to get back into the workplace. Yet another year later, I was job hunting again. Since the freelance and consulting work found me, I decided it was probably what I should be doing.

But one thing I’ve missed about the workplace is being with people. I’m an ENTP (read: extrovert who likes to start stuff), I love being, working with and learning from others. That includes critique of my work.

Because un-critiqued work is almost never the best possible work.

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Twitter Scavenger Hunt

Twitter Scavenger HuntFor my COM 5500 class, we had to complete a Twitter scavenger hunt. There were nine tasks and we had to complete at least four. Me and my partner completed six tasks and after completing the assignment, we created a story in Storify.

The purpose of this exercise was to get the class familiar with both Storify and Twitter.

It was a fun exercise and it helped me get more familiar with new ways to get connected and stay connected with my audiences.

Here is the link to my Storify account and story:

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