Master Communicators: The Read on Podcast

I was recently introduced to Podcast, or should I say reintroduced. The first introduction came from a biology professor that wanted us to attend her lectures and listen to the lecture again on a podcast.

This time was much more successful and I found a series that I like: The Read. It features personalities Kid Fury and Crissle.

I am stoked about this series. I have been following Kid Fury on YouTube for a few years and I am a huge fan. He is absolutely hilarious and I am excited to hear him on a new medium, Podcast.

Everyone, subscribe to The Read’s Podcast channel.

Thanks for reading!


Relationships this week: Lack of effective communication in the world

The focus of my blog is relationship building, in any environment, and ways to improve those relationships.

Here are some relevant links to things happening in the world that deals with the field of communications:

1. Once again, someone is in trouble for posting something on Twitter. Joey Casselberry, a Bloomsburg University student, was kicked off the university baseball team after using an offensive word while criticizing Disney for making a movie about Mo’ne Davis.

2. Rudolph Giuliani is under fire for new comments that are possibly tainting his image and his legacy.

3. Carmen Aristegui, a Mexican journalist, says that bosses backed her firing and attempted to block her story from being published.

Professor Stoycheff on Setting a Non-Agenda


I recently sat down with Wayne State University Professor, Elizabeth Stoycheff, Ph.D.

Professor Stoycheff teaches journalistic reporting and new media in courses like News Reporting, Journalistic Grammar and Style, and other courses for undergraduate students.

I interviewed Professor Stoycheff on one of her recent research projects.

Professor Stoycheff’s research “focuses on the role of new media in shaping international public opinion about democracy, media censorship, and press freedom.”

The research project that we spoke about is titled, “Setting a Non-Agenda.” It deals with the theory of how the media is thought to set the agenda of what the public thinks about, especially important issues; the agenda setting theory. This research project focuses on the non-important issues, like celebrity news, that the media focuses on and how it impacts society.

The study was conducted across three universities, which makes the study sounder because it gets a larger range of participants. The three universities are Louisiana State University, Ohio State University, and Wayne State University. The study was conducted all online, and here at Wayne State University they utilized the student participation system, SONA.

The project is currently under the peer review process. They have conducted all their research and gathered all their data, and submitted it for consideration in the leading journal in the field of communication. The project been accepted to the International Communication Association Conference where Elizabeth Stoycheff, Ph.D will be presenting this project in May in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

There is nothing currently published and won’t be published in full in the conference proceeding, but she says that anyone interested can email her at and she will be “happy to provide . . .contacts and copy of the manuscript.”