Website analysis-

the star, based in Toronto, Canada, is Canada’s largest newspaper and they have the largest readership in the country.

I found the home page to be very appealing and easy on the eye. I usually do not like cluttered home pages, but I think it was pretty easy on my eyes because of the color scheme. They use blue and white consistently throughout the website.

This blue, which I have named it, “Facebook blue” is the same shade of blue that Facebook and Twitter both use.

Speaking of social media, Facebook and Twitter seem to be the only social media networks that the website utilizes. On it’s home page, you only have the option to like things on Facebook.

The article that I chose to analyze is titled, “Weatherman loses his mind over thundersnow.”

I love the title of the article and I loved the page. The page uses not only Facebook and Twitter, but Youtube too. They had an awesome use of social media on this page.

This article definitely had its audience attention and it engaged us.

As a whole, I enjoyed’s website. Easy to use. Easy to understand. Easy on the eyes.
It connected with the audience well.

Thanks for reading.


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