The writing on the wall

As I walked down the stairs in a building on WSU’s campus, going from a class to the computer lab, I saw writing on the wall.

I do not promote writing on walls in public institutions, but I thought that it could be excused in this case since it taught me something.

IMG_0081The quote, “The best mind altering drug is truth,” is attributed to Detroit native, Lily Tomlin.

The quote stopped me in my tracks as I walked down the steps. The thought of truth altering the mindset of people is a concept that I have never been able to put into concrete words. We know, “the more you know, the better you’ll do,” but this quote takes it a step further.

It says that truth is mind altering; which is true. Your truth shapes your reality. What you believe shapes how you think, how you act and how you perceive the world.

In the book, “Incidents in the life of a slave girl,” by Harriet Jacobs, there is a particular moment that came to mind when I read the quote on the wall:

“One woman begged me to get a newspaper and read it over. She said her husband told her that the black people had sent the word to the queen of ‘Merica that they were all slaves, that she didn’t believe it, and went to Washington city to see the president about it. They quarreled; she drew her sword upon him, and swore that he should help her to make them all free.

That poor, ignorant woman thought that America was governed by a Queen, to whom the President was subordinate. I wish the President was subordinate to Queen Justice.”

I read this book quite a few years ago, but this passage always stuck with me, especially when talking about reality and people’s perception of the world.

I wasn’t upset with the misinformed woman for thinking that America had a Queen. In fact, I felt relief. I was filled with hope; because she, as a slave, had hope.

She had hope that relief was coming. Hope that there was an end. Hope that the Queen of America would liberate them.

Her truth formed the basis of her reality. If she would have received the truth about America not having a monarchy, that there would be no relief in sight until the President decided to free them, then what would her reality then be?

I think this quote isn’t just about the absolute, Google-worthy facts, but whatever truth you are living.

Embrace your truth, your reality, and live it. Connect with your audience, be it your spouse, employer, or friend, and learn about their truth and their perception of the world because it could liberate your mind.

Thanks for reading.


One thought on “The writing on the wall

  1. Well, I just didn’t read it because you asked. I read it also because of the title, it is very profound and have a great lesson. It speaks to the core of the mind the very place thinkers get their thoughts. I like the way you analyzed the quote on the wall, made me think. Nice writing!!


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